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Austin’s own Matthew McConaughey, along with his wife, Camila Alves, have donated 80,000 N-95 masks to first responders in Texas and Louisiana. Austin Fire Department received some of the masks Friday:

Camile took to Instagram to explain their mission and encourage others to “pick a lane” to offer assistance to those who need it in whatever manner you can.


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Our mission is to protect those who protect us, by providing healthcare workers, firefighters, police officers, and others with approximately 80,000 masks needed to battle the #COVID19 virus. Matthew and I, our friends Bill and Tracey Marshall have teamed up with the organization #BStrong. We are passionate about helping first responders from our hometown Austin – Texas, Louisiana and nationwide as we combat this national pandemic. #thisisacrisis We will not go quietly. We will #BStrong I am only sharing this in case if you all want to help as well it took me over 2 weeks of research to find the right organization and the work they doing so I wanted to share with you in case if it can inspire you as well to help, or inspire you to pick a lane to help others whatever that lane is even if your lane is helping your neighbor, calling people, emotional support, donations, volunteer …pick a lane and do it well! Stay strong this too shall pass… @officiallymcconaughey and I will be working with @bethennyfrankel, @globalempowermentmission, Bill and Tracey Marshall, @theellenshow, @billyjoel and many more on this amazing initiative – if you would like to help please see the link in my bio.

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McConaughey also released a tutorial video showing how to make your own mask out of a bandanna, a coffee filter, and rubber bands. The video features his alter ego, Bounty Hunter Bobby Bandito, and fun, Western elements.


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