Adventure Academy


As a parent, nothing is more satisfying than seeing your child learn, grow, and have fun all at the same time. When the kids aren’t in school, it can be a constant worry making sure that they are staying familiar with their school subjects so that they don’t fall behind. Of course, that doesn’t mean that they want to sit around practicing schoolwork when school’s out. That’s where programs like Adventure Academy can help. Adventure Academy is an immersive MMO world where kids can create a world, share it with friends, and brush up on many important school subjects all at the same time.

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Adventure Academy: Available Subjects

Adventure Academy is filled with learning opportunities. As kids travel through the world, they will be able to play games and participate in activities that are all designed with history/social studies, math, language arts, and science in mind. Of course, these subjects are just some of the things you can expect your kids to experience. Here are some of the specific subjects’ kids will have a chance to learn on Adventure Academy:

  • Comprehension and Main Ideas
  • Writing and Spelling
  • Division, Multiplication, and Division
  • Fractions and Decimals
  • Geometry
  • Word Problems
  • Atoms and Molecules
  • Environment and Ecosystems
  • Forces and Motion
  • Maps, Geography, and World Cultures
  • Economics
  • And More!

These are just some of the subjects that are available with Adventure Academy! As kids explore the universe, they will learn new things, which will also unlock additional adventures, customization options, and more!


Try Adventure Academy Free!

You can try Adventure Academy completely free when you sign up for the free trial. This trial will give you all that Adventure Academy has to offer for a full month. If you’re not satisfied in the first month, just make sure to cancel before the trial ends. This will make sure that you’re not charged for anything. Otherwise, if you find that this is a great option for your kids, you can continue your membership on a monthly or yearly subscription.

Get 30-days of Adventure Academy for Free!

While there is a monthly membership option, you’ll save the most money with the annual plan. The annual membership is 49% cheaper than the monthly membership. In fact, you’ll get about 5 months free with the annual plan. It’s hard to beat such deep savings. If you decide during the year that you want to cancel, you can click that button, and your account will end at the end of the year.


Sign Up for Adventure Academy

Adventure Academy was designed to be easy to use. So, no matter your technical knowledge, you should find the experience to be simple. Signing up is just a matter of asking some basic questions and clicking the sign-up button. If you’re ready to sign up, here’s what you can do:

  1. Visit Adventure Academy
  2. Sign up for your free trial
  3. Choose the annual membership to save the most money
  4. Sign in using iOS or Android devices, PC, or Mac
  5. Get started with your account, make your character, and have fun!

You’ll have everything you need to track your child’s progress and ensure that they are learning more as they play. If you’re not satisfied, you’ll be able to cancel at any time.

We hope your family enjoys learning with Adventure Academy! If you try it out, be sure to let us know your thoughts!