School is almost out for the summer and students have fun on the brain! Now more than ever, your student needs a place where they can just be a kid. KidzToPros creates a safe environment where fun is always a part of our focus, and learning new skills is easy and engaging. KidzToPros Summer Camps provide opportunities for children to learn valuable STEM, Sports and Arts skills in the Austin area.

All in the name of play, your camper can learn makerspace, design and code games, program robots, perform improv, or learn a sport. They will also gain social and team building skills that will serve them long after summer’s end. 

KidzToPros popular summer camps are being held at 5 locations in the Austin area! You can SAVE $75 on on-campus summer camp with code LM-75!

Hands-on STEM activities

Hands-On STEM Activities

Led by top-tier instructors, KidzToPros camps are designed to engage children ages 4-18, based on their age, interest and learning style. From learning the fundamentals to mastering skills, KidzToPros has a camp for every kid! 

Improv Comedy

Storytelling & Performing

Campers ages 4-8 can enjoy combination camps like MakerSpace + Play It All Sports that provide a variety of activities that consider their attention spans and energy level. Meanwhile, campers ages 7-18 can focus and build upon specific skills that culminate in creations like a new video game, a short film or robot creation by the end of the camp.

Play it all sports

Physical Activity & Sports

Whether you’re raising an artist, actor, programmer or sporting pro, KidzToPros has an option for you! Check out some of KidzToPros’ most popular STEM, Arts and Sports summer camps in Austin and reserve your spot today!

SAVE $75 on on-campus summer camp with code LM-75. 

Check out KidzToPros 5 locations in Austin and register today!  


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