austin animal charities

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There is much to love about Austin. This amazing city is diverse, community-oriented, and offers a picturesque landscape whether you live, work, or play in the city. Many residents own pets. You’ll see people and their furry friends walking through the park, enjoying the lakes, and getting some exercise. There are also a lot of strays in the city. In fact, there are thousands of lost or abandoned pets on the street at any given time.

There are charities that exist to help pets, but often these charities are under-funded and need support from the community to continue doing the great work that they do. These volunteers often require more people to shelter pets, more money for food and veterinary care, and more people willing to offer love to these animals that desperately need it.

So, if you’re interested in helping out some adorable four-legged creatures, whether it’s monetarily or through sheltering or adopting, here are some of the best animal shelters and charities that Austin has to offer.


Austin Pets Alive!

Austin Pets Alive is one of the first animal shelters that was available in Austin. They have saved tens of thousands of animals since 2008. They offer large and small dogs for adoptions, as well as cats. They also need volunteers to spend time with the animals, walk them, and to get involved in other ways. Families that can foster animals are also needed. Donate to Austin Pets Alive!


Austin Dog Rescue

The Austin Dog Rescue is here to try and end homelessness for dogs of all breeds and sizes. They are unique because all dogs are fostered in volunteer homes until they are able to be adopted. Like many shelters, Austin Dog Rescue relies on donations and volunteers that can provide necessary items to help them continue their mission and save as many dogs as possible. Donate here.


Austin Humane Society

The Austin Humane Society has been doing good, necessary work for years. They are one of the largest no kill shelters in Austin. They are also a non-profit and exist on donations and money raised through fundraisers and other initiatives. Their goal is to save homeless dogs and cats and to keep them safe until they find the right home for them. Donate here.


Austin Animal Center

The Austin Animal Center is here to provide shelter and assistance to more than 16,000 pets each year. They accept strays and abandoned animals regardless of health, age, or breed. The goal is to take in animals and care for them through foster homes until adoption is possible. Austin Animal Center also offers a variety of partnership and educational programs to raise awareness. Donate here.


Street Cat Rescue

Street Cat Rescue is a non-profit charity that was created in 2006 by Donna Powell. The goal was to create a feline sanctuary that can rescue and rehome the cats that need the most help. Programs exist to Trap/Neuter/Return feral cats in the area. They also offer adoptions for socialized cats, veterinary care, educational programs, and a sanctuary for hard to adopt or sick cats. Donate here.

If you know of any other shelters in the area that could use help to save the abandoned animals in Austin, feel free to leave them in the comments!