free sat prep

Are you a high school student about to take the SAT’s or studying for an SAT prep course? Are you a parent of a high school student about to spend a ton of money for that SAT prep tutor?

No need to worry because Kaplan just came out with an SAT prep course promo code KAPFRIENDS that gives you 6 months free of their normally $99 prep course! But the offer is only available through January 31, so you need to act fast before it’s gone.

Read below to see what you be gaining in this entirely free studying plan with Kaplan.


The Kaplan Method

Kaplan’s SAT prep course is built around small daily lessons designed for studying 30 minutes a day. You can watch them on demand whenever you need to.

The bite-sized lessons are designed to ensure students don’t get overwhelmed, instead allowing them to build their knowledge and skills over time in advance of the big test.

SAT experts teach you the correct subject matter and test-taking strategies for success so you can earn a higher score overall.

With Kaplan’s course, you get:

• An expert-led course that takes as little as 30 minutes per daily lesson
• More than 50 instructional video lessons covering test content, strategy, and more
• 1,000+ practice test questions and quizzes throughout each lesson


Offer Ends Soon

Why spend all that money on an expensive SAT tutor when you can get Kaplan’s acclaimed online prep course free right now? You’ll get 6 months of full access to the program when you use promo code KAPFRIENDS at checkout.

This offer ends on January 31, so make sure you take advantage of it before it’s too late.