austin airport parking

Millions of people travel every day. Whether you’re traveling for leisure or business, you will have to find parking spots in airports for your cars. Fortunately, those looking for cheap Austin airport parking, read on because we’re going to share some helpful tips!



First, let’s see how much it costs if we choose to park in an Austin airport. The rate depends entirely on how long you’re planning to travel.

Here are the airport parking rates for Austin-Bergstrom International Airport:

Short-term parking:

Garage Parking 

  • Per Hour: $3
  • Per Day: $25

Blue Garage

  • Per Hour: $3

Economy Parking

  • Per Hour: $3


Long-term parking: 

Garage Parking 

  • Per Day: $25

Blue Garage

  • Per Day: $15

Economy Parking

  • Per Day: $8

Valet – Family Friendly Valet

  • Per Day: $19

Valet – Executive Valet

  • Per Day: $29



The rate for parking ranges anywhere from $3-$29 per day, depending on the amount of time you’re planning to leave your car.

To help you save and get Austin airport parking coupons, we have put together a helpful list of tips:


The best way to get cheap Austin airport parking by using Way is a helpful search engine that lists out the best cheap hotel parking spots and lots in Austin for you. The best part is that they regularly offer these hotel parking spots on a sale that allows you to save a lot. 

Similar to, ParkSleepFly and ParkNFly are also search engines that you can use to find cheap Austin airport parking up to 50% off the regular prices you’d pay in person at the lots. 

Also, don’t forget to check out the Groupon Austin Airport Parking Page to get coupons. Groupon holds deals on parking spots in Austin. Be sure to check them out soon before your trip, because they change often!


Aside from these, you can also save money on airport parking by just asking for a ride from a family member or a friend. This means leaving your car behind which is ideal if you’re planning on being away for long periods of time.

Also, you can check out parking apps that lets you find available parking spots near the Austin airport to save money. These work similarly to the websites we mentioned above.

In addition, you should also follow the airports on social media to get the latest deals. Most of them offer regular discounts and coupons that you can only know if you’re following them.

Or, you can just check directly with your local airport for Austin airport parking coupons. Sometimes, airports offer some discount coupons on their websites. Just remember to get them before going to the airport!

Lastly, you might also want to look into using credit cards as your payment option for airport parking. Some credit card companies offer rewards for parking at airports. 

It’s a smart idea to take advantage of this if you know you’re going to park at the airport anyway. 

With all these tips, you should be able to save a ton on airport parking in Austin!

ATX On Budget Staff