Shopping for a new mattress can often feel overwhelming. With so many options online and in-store, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Plus, a mattress’s firmness and type can affect the overall comfort and support it provides, so it’s important to know what style suits your body type and sleep position. Investing in a newer, more modern mattress won’t benefit you in the long run if it’s not suited to your needs. 

If you are shopping for a new mattress in Austin, Texas, we are here to help! We highlight our favorite mattress store in Austin and explain how to save on a high-quality mattress that’s right for you. With our help, you’ll be sleeping better and saving money in no time.

Best Mattress Store in Austin, Texas

The best Austin mattress store is Amerisleep’s showroom at the Domain NORTHSIDE shopping center. Amerisleep offers a unique lineup of memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses, each made to suit a certain sleep style. 

Amerisleep’s in-store sales associates are trained sleep experts. By running through a short series of questions on your body type, preferred sleep position, and health concerns, they will help you determine the perfect mattress type and firmness for deep, more restful sleep. Their goal is not simply to sell you a mattress but to help you get better sleep so you can feel your best. 

Amerisleep’s mattress store in Austin has a clean, modern look with overhead display screens and tablets that help you learn more about each mattress’s construction. You can also take a short nap on an Amerisleep mattress in one of their state-of-the-art “dream suites.” Each suite has automatic light dimmers, a sunrise alarm, and a soothing loop of images that play on the overhead screen. These features help you get a more realistic feel for the mattress away from other shoppers and sales associates. 

Also, for a limited time, Amerisleep is offering a FREE Allseasons Blanket ($199 value) with any mattress purchase. Shop at the Amerisleep mattress store in Austin and mention this offer to redeem.

With Amerisleep’s 100-night sleep trial, you have plenty of time to test out the mattress once it arrives at your doorstep. If you decide the firmness is not right for you, Amerisleep will work with you to exchange the mattress or provide a full refund after you test it for 30 nights. 

Amerisleep’s generous 20-year warranty also covers manufacturing and structural defects, such as sagging and indentations greater than .75 inches. 

Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly Materials

Unlike most mattress brands, Amerisleep uses a unique plant-based foam called Bio-Pur® in most of their mattresses. It is naturally more breathable, responsive, and eco-friendly than traditional memory foam. 

Bio-Pur® is an excellent option for those with allergies or skin sensitives because it contains fewer synthetic oils than most mattresses. It is also hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. Plus, the removable and machine washable cover makes it easy to keep your Amerisleep mattress clean and in good condition.  

Amerisleep’s latex hybrid mattress, Organica, is also made with sustainably produced, non-toxic latex certified by the Rainforest Alliance and the eco-INSTITUT. This mattress even has a GOTS-certified organic cotton cover with a smooth, soft finish. The Organica is perfect for eco-conscious shoppers. 

Selecting the Right Mattress for You

Amerisleep’s mattresses are designed with your needs in mind. Each of their models has a slightly different firmness to accommodate a wide range of needs. Below, we explain which sleep style and body type each Amerisleep mattress is suited to. 

Side Sleepers

Since the hips and shoulders bear most of the body weight when side sleeping, these sleepers need more cushioning to prevent pressure points near these sensitive areas. Amerisleep’s AS5 and AS5 Hybrid (their softest models) and the AS4 (their medium-soft model) are recommended for lightweight side sleepers. 

Average weight side sleepers may prefer the AS3, AS3 Hybrid, and the Organica, which all have a medium feel—a true balance of comfort and support. 

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers generally need a medium to medium-firm mattress to keep the torso from sinking too far into the bed and forcing the spine to bow. Amerisleep’s medium AS3 mattress or their medium-firm mattresses – the AS2 and the AS2 Hybrid – are best for these sleepers. 

Stomach Sleepers

As with back sleeping, the torso tends to sink when resting on the stomach. This sinking forces the spine to curve, putting pressure on the back and neck muscles. Therefore, stomach sleepers need a firmer mattress like Amerisleep’s AS1 to keep the hips lifted and aligned with the shoulders during sleep. 

Plus-Size Sleepers

Plus-size individuals often experience too much sinkage, which can cause the spine to curve unnaturally and put pressure on the muscles near the spine. Therefore, heavier sleepers usually prefer a medium-firm bed (like the AS2) or a firm mattress (like the AS1) to prevent excess sinking. 

However, plus-size sleepers who prefer a soft mattress may sleep better on the soft AS5 Hybrid. Its Active Flex layer keeps sleepers lifted while the spring coil base gives the bed a slight bounce. 

Best Mattress Deals in Austin, Texas 

Although Amerisleep’s mattresses are made with high-quality, eco-friendly materials, they are also available at a budget-friendly price at their Austin mattress store in Domain NORTHSIDE. Amerisleep consistently offers some of the best mattress deals in Austin with savings on every mattress size, including twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, split king, and California king sizes. These savings can be found when shopping at their Austin mattress store or on their website. 

Save on better sleep with these Austin mattress deals! Visit Amerisleep’s store to try the mattresses and bedding firsthand. Every order comes with free home delivery, a 100-night mattress trial, and a generous 20-year mattress warranty. 

Right now, shoppers can save hundreds on any Amerisleep mattress. You can also bundle any Amerisleep mattress with one of their adjustable bases and save up even more! This is a great deal on a high-tech adjustable bed frame and a durable, supportive mattress. 


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