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Austin has been recognized as one of the best cities 👍to live and work in as a filmmaking professional. MovieMaker Magazine creates and releases an annual list for filmmakers. This list spotlights the most advantageous places for cinematic professionals to live. Austin makes the list for 2021 because of the creative atmosphere and diverse topography.

The Pandemic and Filmmaking

The pandemic that began in 2020 and has bled into 2021 did not skip affecting the movie industry. As movie theatres across the nation closed, the industry was bound to shift. So, filmmakers are looking outside of traditional filmmaking cities like Los Angeles and New York, and are looking to Austin instead.

The magazine says, “in the short term, they’re [L.A. and N.Y.C. are] losing people to other great filmmaking cities, as many who have spent months inside insist on more space, lower housing costs, and more great outdoors.”

Why Austin?

MovieMaker sheds light on the recent truth that many big city-based directors are abandoning the traditional cinematic cities in favor of Austin. Part of this is due to the well-respected Austin Studios.  Such studios are Robert Rodriguez’s Troublemaker Studios, to name a few. Statewide tax incentives across the state of Texas are also a draw for creatives to film in the state along with the diverse range of topography. Such topography includes big cities and small towns, ranches, rivers and whatever else you can imagine. These beautiful and diverse topographies also fuel the city’s collaborative spirit.

It’s typical within the film industry for new filmmakers to help work on each other’s films. This collaboration creates a sense of community that is also present in Austin. In fact, Janis Burklund, director of the Dallas Film Commission agrees. She says, “Additionally, many filmmakers will work as crew and even talent on television projects of all types and sizes, as well as commercials, corporate films, music videos, etc.,”

Austin is not just one of the great cities for filmmaking. There are so many other things to love about our city. One of them is that we love our pets! 🙌Check out our article on 5 Great Pet Charities in Austin.

ATX On Budget Staff