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Did you know that many people believe Austin, Texas to be one of the best city to get married in? Any couple who has gotten to tour the capital of the lone star state will probably agree that Austin ranks as one of the best cities for weddings for a multitude of reasons. Perhaps it’s the seamless way the city blends together the natural beauty of the Texas hill country and the metropolitan heartbeat of the city. Others may believe that the delectable food and live music set up the city for wedding success.

It could be that the city prides itself on staying “weird”, offbeat and interesting. Regardless of which reason draws couples getting married to Austin, it’s no secret that an Austin wedding is probably a great one. Every couple that chooses to get married in the greater Austin area is met with a variety of boutique hotels, outdoor gardens, specialized wedding venues, and plenty of entertainment. If you want to get married in an Austin hotel, say your vows at a rustic, country venue, or even get married for free in Austin, keep on reading our comprehensive guide to Austin as one of the best cities for weddings. One of the best places to get married.

Unique Wedding Venues in Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas is well known for being one of the most unique cities in America. So why would we expect wedding venues to be any different? These places to get married in Austin pride themselves in their offbeat, quirky, original contribution to the southern wedding industry.

  • Hummingbird House: The Hummingbird House sits on six acres of beautiful gardens. The property was originally a nursery and flowers can be found around every corner. The water feature and canopy of arching trees create a romantic atmosphere that has won the Hummingbird House “best places to get married in Austin” award many times.
  • Sanctuary Event Space: The Sanctuary Event Space can be found right in the heart of Austin, but feels like worlds away. The space is the perfect blend of rustic and contemporary and comes with a studio, a cottage house, and a loft. Many people marry under the old oak trees and string up lights in the trees to eat dinner under. If you’re looking for an eclectic and unique mix of all things Austin, the Sanctuary Event Space is worth considering.
  • Springdale Station: Springdale Station carries its name well as it is actually a turn-of-the-century train station. It was initially created by a businessman who wanted to express his love of railways and even sports a 1939 Pullman car. The dreamy light fixtures that line the outside of the building bring in a charming wedding atmosphere and the unique structures, including a beautiful outdoor patio, lend themselves to a myriad of wedding activities.

Where can I get married for cheap in Austin, Texas?

Let’s be honest. Weddings aren’t cheap and the typical large Austin wedding budget typically costs somewhere around $38,000. As the globe continues to live in the contours of the COVID-19 pandemic, weddings and budgets are becoming smaller and smaller. However, this fact is something that makes Austin the best city to get married in. If you’ve gotten engaged in the throes of the coronavirus pandemic and are looking for a free place to get married in Austin, Texas

  • Zilker Botanical Gardens: If you’re looking to keep your wedding small, the Zilker Botanical Gardens are a great option to consider. Prices for small weddings here are relatively cheap. If you decide to book for a small wedding in the spring, you also have the added bonus of beautiful blooming flowers all around you, along with the picturesque fountain that remains on the grounds. Zilker Gardens is one of the prime reasons why Austin ranks as the best city to get married in Texas!
  • Mount Bonnell: This favorite Austin hiking spot looks over Lady Bird Lake and is a great place to watch the sunset. If you’re looking for a low-budget, no-hassle wedding, it’s a great idea to grab your small bridal party and an officiant friend to perform a quaint, yet intimate ceremony as the sun sets over the striking Austin water behind you.
  • The Courthouse: This tried and true wedding option isn’t only worth considering for a quick wedding. Getting married at the courthouse in Austin is something that many locals and visitors alike do. All you need is a marriage license, to pay a small fee, and find a witness to substantiate the marriage. That way you can focus on a fun honeymoon and starting a wonderful life together after!


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