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Looking for Texas Memorial Museum coupons and discounts? Or maybe just want to find out more about it? You’ve come to the right place.

We know that state museums serve an important role in their communities.

The impact of natural elements plays a huge part in shaping the environment we live in and our everyday lives.

The Texas Memorial Museum is one such museum. Its primary subject is natural history, and for many that means only one thing: Cool dinosaurs!

Your visit to this educational museum will be more enjoyable if you have some information ahead of time.

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The Texas Memorial Museum was established in the 1930’s. While the preparations for the 1936 Texas Centennial Celebrations were underway, politicians and citizens realized that Texas didn’t have a state museum. 

Because of this, if a Texas student or Geology professor would want to examine a specimen of a rock found only in Texas, he would need to visit a museum in Chicago or other part of the country.

The vision for the museum was to contribute to the preservation of the natural resources of Texas as well as to educate the public. 

Today, the Museum features several exhibits carefully preserved to show off the natural treasures of Texas. Their events will inspire interest in paleontology, local wildlife, and the environment.



Admission to this wonderful museum ranges between $4 to $7 for adults. But if you want to get some Texas Memorial Museum coupons, read on.

The simplest way to get a Texas Memorial discount is through Groupon. There are deals here that change often, so check the Groupon Texas Memorial Museum page for the latest.

Aside from Groupon, the museum itself has certain discounted tickets offered year-round.

  • Children ages 2 to 12 can get in for just $5.
  • Infants under 2 are free of admission.
  • College students with valid IDs can get in for just $4. 

Also, UT Austin students and employees with valid UT IDs are free of admission.

School Groups can get in for just $2 each. 

For organized groups of at least 20 visitors, the admission fee is just $5.



The Texas Memorial Museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday at the following hours: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM. 

Note that they are closed during the following Holidays:

  • Thanksgiving Break – Closed Thursday, November 28 through Monday, December 2
  • Winter Holidays – Closed Sunday, December 22 through Monday, January 6



The Texas Memorial Museum is located at 2400 Trinity Street Austin, Texas.

 Visit their website at https://tmm.utexas.edu for more!

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