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More than ever before, we need to find ways to show family and friends that they are loved and cared about. While last year, we might have done this through sharing a meal, going to a movie, or even heading out on a vacation, this year the world is focused on social distancing. As a means to calm the spread of COVID-19, social distancing is how more and more families are living. As a result, it’s been a hard year for a lot of people. Luckily, there are some great services and options out there that will help you to remain close to family and friends until the need for social distancing is over.

Here are some great options to let family and friends know you care:


Send Flowers Using BloomsyBox


BloomsyBox is a great way to show people you care. Each box includes a farm-fresh beautiful boutique along with instructions informing the recipient about the blooms they received and the best way to extend their natural life.

Flowers are sent by subscription in intervals of your choosing. You can choose a weekly or bi-weekly subscription with plans starting at $45 per week. There are also numerous monthly subscription options that start at $40 per month.

All flowers are cut fresh and arrive from farm to customer in just 48-72 hours, rather than the usual 7-10 days other services offer. Each plan can be canceled at any time and are sent with free shipping.

Find out more about BloomsyBox and get 15% off a Premium Subscription with code TEXAS15 at checkout.


Have a Secret Gift Group for Friends & Family

gift exchange

Think of this like you might a Secret Santa, but in a different season. A group of your friends or family is involved and is able to choose one of the others secretly. From there, the options are open to you. Maybe you will decide to send letters, cards, or handmade gifts. You could also set up wish lists with items you might want that are under a certain price range and your secret gifters can choose from those items. Getting mail is often a fun experience and this mail will be even better because you’re sending it to and receiving it from people you love.


Spent Time Together in Video Chat

staying close while social distancing

Whether you’re pro Google Hangouts or Zoom, video chatting gives you a chance to see and hear your friends no matter where you are. So, if you’re both stuck at home you can hang out like you used to. People are using Zoom for all kinds of fun things from reunions to Yoga sessions. As long as you have a webcam and a microphone, Zoom is easy and free to use and works for all kinds of fun things.


Start an Online Club for Friends

online book club

If your friends love books, a book club is a great idea to get everyone together. You could do the same thing for movies, TV, or even music. Just find something that you all like and make regular plans to get together and discuss it. You could do this with audio and video, or you could have a Facebook group, an email chain, or use a service like Discord to have and record your chat sessions. This is a great way to stay connected to your friends and the things you share together while remaining distant.


What little things have you been doing to remain close to friends while social distancing?


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