coschedule review

Running a website is a full-time job. It takes a lot of time to plan out articles, or in the case of ATX On Budget, to research the best deals going on in the city.

From there, we need to coordinate with writers and editors to give them tasks so that each article and deal can get to where you can see them.

Even once we hit publish, there is still more work to be done. We need to utilize SEO and social media tools to ensure that as many people as possible find these deals.

Needless to say, we’re always on the lookout for tools to make our jobs easier, so we can get more deals to our readers. One of the tools we utilize the most is CoSchedule. Part task-manager, part calendar, CoSchedule allows us to keep everyone on track without spending a considerable amount of time doing it. Of course, CoSchedule can be used in a lot of different ways. Keep reading to learn how we use it in our CoSchedule review.


What is Coschedule?

what is coschedule

CoSchedule is a suite of organizational and marketing tools that is bound to make your life easier if you run a mid-size or larger website. There are so many things that have to be done from the initial idea to publishing that it can be overwhelming. CoSchedule allows you to do most of those things all in one spot, saving you time and energy. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the things that CoSchedule can offer:

  • Offer a look at your future projects in the Calendar or Dashboard
  • Sync to your WordPress
  • An all-encompassing editorial calendar
  • Easier ways to assign posts and projects to your staff
  • Organizational tools to save you time
  • A way to schedule social media posts and monitor their popularity
  • Utilize filters to see the things you need to the most
  • Answer questions and communicate with your staff
  • Much More!

Basically, CoSchedule gives you a one-stop location to complete all of your behind-the-scenes blog tasks. You’ll have the chance to be better organized and things that ate up time, will be finished much quicker as a result of the tools CoSchedule offers. If you’re running a team-driven website, the features that CoSchedule offers will likely be invaluable to you.


How Does Coschedule Work?

how coschedule works

CoSchedule makes it easier for you to create content. It takes away the need for a wide variety of separate programs you might have used and allows you to do everything in one spot. Just being able to do everything in one space will save you more time than you realize. You can login to one service, complete all the tasks you need, communicate with your team easily, and call it a day. It couldn’t be easier or more efficient.

With that in mind, here are some common tasks you can complete with CoSchedule:

  • Create as many drafts as you want, as far ahead as you need
  • Assign all the tasks you need for a post to succeed (SEO research, writing, editing, publishing, social media creation and engagement, etc)
  • Communicate with your team through the chat area
  • Get a quick view of what’s happening in the Dashboard
  • Check team progress to see what’s up, what’s going up, and what hasn’t been started
  • Look at user engagement, post popularity, and other factors to see what’s working for your website

Each of these features is helpful to most CoSchedule users. That said, perhaps the most helpful part of everything is that CoSchedule puts all of these things, all in one spot. You can do it all in one place, close it down, and enjoy the added free time in your day.


How We Use Coschedule

As a larger team we use CoSchedule to make all of our lives easier. Rather than tell you more of the great things we’ve already talked about let’s look at some of the specific tasks that we complete with CoSchedule:

  • Assign and monitor tasks to our team members
  • Create drafts for future posts
  • Assign keyword and SEO research for future posts/events
  • Answer questions or comments from the team
  • Create and analyze social media posts and engagements
  • Look at all phases of future posts and projects for up to a month at a time
  • Create a schedule for social media posts using ReQueue
  • Much more

As the manager of a larger team, it’s hard to imagine how much work and organization it would take to complete the tasks handled in hours with CoSchedule. This is one program that makes my day much easier and for that, it comes highly recommended.

Click here to learn more about Coschedule and try it for your blog!